Sentence Examples

  • However, to better serve policy holders, at risk policies also pay for additional types of health problems, including seizures, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease, maternity care, mental health issues, meningitis, and emphysema.
  • Symptoms of listerial meningitis occur about four days after the flu-like symptoms and include fever, personality change, uncoordinated muscle movement, tremors, muscle contractions, seizures, and slipping in and out of consciousness.
  • Throat cultures can also be used to identify other disease organisms that are present in the patient's throat and to identify people who are carriers of organisms that cause meningitis and whooping cough, among other diseases.
  • A baby will receive antibodies through her mom's milk, and breastfeeding your baby will lower her chances of contracting meningitis, diabetes, allergies, respiratory illnesses, obesity, and childhood cancers, such as leukemia.
  • Several infections can result in symptoms similar to FMF (Mallaret meningitis, for instance), and many people with FMF undergo exploratory abdominal surgery and ineffective treatments before they are finally diagnosed.