Sentence Examples

  • They are declared to be mendicants and enjoy all the privileges of the other mendicant orders.
  • The confused and legendary notices of the journeyings of 1 These were at first simple huts, built for the mendicants in some grove of palm-trees as a retreat during the rainy season; but they gradually increased in splendour and magnificence till the decay of Buddhism set in.
  • Chunda prepared for the mendicants a mid-day meal, and after the meal the Buddha started for Kusinara.
  • The industries all centre in the pilgrimage; the chief object of every Meccan - from the notables and sheikhs, who use their influence to gain custom for the Jidda speculators in the pilgrim traffic, down to the cicerones, pilgrim brokers, lodging-house keepers, and mendicants at the holy places - being to pillage the visitor in every possible way.
  • The mendicants, Dominican and Franciscan, took rapid root in England; the number of friaries erected in the reign of Henry III.