Sentence Examples

  • It's a simple and scientific formula; when the melanin in your skin (your skin's natural protectant) can no longer accommodate the amount of ultraviolet rays that it is being exposed to, it will burn, plain and simple.
  • Although differences in skin tone are easily apparent when you look around, there's very little difference besides the melanin content between people with fair skin and people with dark skin.
  • The Danish blue-eyed genealogy study has led to the theory that blue eyes started with one person who had a mutation on their chromosome that shut off the production of melanin in their iris.
  • Since the melanin in the freckle is quickly zapped by the laser's rays, there is no need to penetrate through any layers of the skin which could cause irritation, discomfort or scarring.
  • The hairbulb pigmentation test is used to identify carriers by incubating a piece of the person's hair in a solution of tyrosine, a substance in food which the body uses to make melanin.