Sentence Examples

  • That they were not indigenous, but had displaced an earlier Melanesian or Papuan race, the true aborigines, is certain.
  • None of the colossal structures hitherto described appears to have been erected by the present Melanesian or Polynesian peoples, while their wide diffusion, extending as far as Easter Island, within 400 m.
  • The natives, a mixed Polynesian and Melanesian people of Samoan speech, are the most industrious in the Pacific, and many of the young men go as labourers to other islands.
  • Ethnically they belong as a whole to the Melanesian division of the Indo-Pacific races.
  • In 1867 a Melanesian mission station was established at St Barnabas, and in 1882 a church was erected to the memory of Bishop Patteson, with windows designed by Burne-Jones and executed by William Morris.