Sentence Examples

  • He availed himself of the reviving interest in legitimism and Catholicism which was represented by Bonald and Joseph de Maistre, of the nature worship of Rousseau and Bernardin de Saint Pierre, of the sentimentalism of Madame de Stael, of the medievalism and the romance of Chateaubriand and Scott, of the maladie du siecle of Chateaubriand and Byron.
  • He was bitterly opposed to what he considered to be the medievalism and narrowness of the Oxford Tractarian Movement.
  • One of the most attractive works of early medievalism - Einhard's little book, Translatio Marcellini et Petri - gives a vivid description of the methods by which the bodies of the two saints were acquired and transported from Rome to Seligenstadt on the Main.
  • Consequently, during the whole period of medievalism, the number of pilgrims was, perpetually on the increase.
  • The significance of the pilgrimage for the religious life of later medievalism cannot be adequately estimated.