Sentence Examples

  • The romance of Alexander is found written in the languages of nearly all peoples from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic, but all these versions are derived, mediately or immediately, from the Greek original which circulated under the false name of Callisthenes.
  • Nevertheless, side by side with this prophetic ministry there was another, mediately at least of human appointment, and local in its character.
  • The first consists in the parallelism in the course of its rivers, as the Danube and the Theiss, the Drave and the Save, the Waag with the Neutra and the Gran, &c. The second is the direction of the rivers, which converge towards the middle of the country, and are collected either mediately or immediately by the Danube.
  • Salm, Isenburg, Leyen) should only be represented mediately in the diet of the new Confederation.
  • But what is the essence of this psychical reality which we thus immediately and mediately know?