Sentence Examples

  • For those of you out there looking to try PlayStation 3 games, give the following titles a shot: Resistance: Fall of Man (shooter), Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (RPG), or Armored Core 4 (for you Mech warrior types out there).
  • But when you want to change strafing directions, there is a slight moment where the mech has to turn that lower part in that direction before he starts moving that way.
  • A giant mech warrior game, this third-person game demo was a brief mission to destroy a select group of enemies in a desert-like environment.
  • Try making it more challenging for yourself by creating one type of mech and try to beat the game again without modifying it in any way.
  • Missiles sound like missiles, explosions like explosions and a 30 foot strafing mech sounds like a 30 foot strafing mech.