Sentence Examples

  • Of this monarch, known as Murkertagh MacNeill (Niall), and sometimes by reference to his mother as Murkertagh Mac Erca, the story is told, illustrating an ancient Celtic custom, that in making a league with a tribe in Meath he emphasized the inviolability of the treaty by having it written with the blood of both clans mixed in one vessel.
  • Several churches seem to have been founded in the kingdom of Meath by the saint, but they cannot now be identified.
  • The first part of this memoir, which was probably compiled about 670, deals with the saint's work in Meath, the second with his activity in Connaught.
  • The Richmond lunatic asylum, erected near the House of Industry, and placed under the care of officers appointed by government, receives patients from a district consisting of the counties of Dublin, Louth, Meath and Wicklow, each of these contributing towards its expenses in proportion to the number of patients sent in.
  • It was thus as a commanding officer that he learnt 1 At 24 Upper Merrion Street, Dublin, or at Dungan Castle, Meath, on the 29th of April or on 1st May; but both place and date are uncertain.