Sentence Examples

  • The castle, built c. 1446 by Cormac McCarthy, was of immense strength, and parts of its walls are as much as 18 ft.
  • Later she received a telephone call from the Norfolk Police Department, but it only confirmed what Officer McCarthy had already told her.
  • McCarthy spelled out the details.
  • See Charles McCarthy, The Antimasonic Party: A Study of Political Anti-Masonry in the United States, 1827-1840, in the Report of the American Historical Association for 1902 (Washington, 1903); the Autobiography of Thurlow Weed (2 vols., Boston, 1884); A.
  • McCarthy (1881-1883), a former official of the Indian survey, which did good work in connexion with the determination of the FrancoSiamese frontier (1906).