Sentence Examples

  • A formula was found by Bynkershoek in his De dominio maxis (1702) for the restriction of dominion over the sea to the actual distance to which cannon range could protect it.
  • Pliny's account of Yemen, too, must be largely drawn from the expedition of Gallus, though he also used itineraries of travellers to India, like the Periplus Maxis Erythraei just quoted.
  • The title of consul, in the sense in which it is used in international law, is derived from that of certain magistrates, in the cities of medieval Italy, Provence and Languedoc, charged with the settlement of trade disputes whether by sea or land (consules mercatorum, consules artis maxis, &c.).
  • The name is supposed to be derived from maxis linea, and to indicate that originally the sea came up to it.

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