Sentence Examples

  • Hallmark responded by creating their own online collection of ecards, and since Hallmark owns the copyright to the Maxine franchise, the company added an entire collection of those cards dedicated to the endearing and sarcastic character.
  • It may take longer for anyone to notice them, but when a person has a MySpace page or other social networking site that features Maxine, whether on a background or just as an individual cartoon, it is illegal.
  • If you have a friend that is celebrating a birthday, or you'd like to bring a chuckle into all of your friends' lives during the holiday season, Maxine ecards will certainly do the trick.
  • Originally developed for Hallmark by the artist John Wagner (nicknamed "arty-boy" by his character, Maxine), Maxine was only supposed to be a part of the Shoebox brand of cards.
  • While they are happy to have you download wallpapers or send e-cards from the main Maxine site, using any of the images on your own website without permission is illegal.