Sentence Examples

  • For migratory species on the verge of stock collapse, we must now aim to maximize the potential to recover.
  • They also face danger from the Crusade, a fictional fanatical Catholic association bent on destroying anyone with psychic power; and the Brotherhood, a company who seeks to use anyone with psychic talent to maximize their profits.
  • To maximize your spending, consider buying used or factory reconditioned models, utilizing a discount directly from Apple, shopping at tax-free authorized retailers, buying inexpensive Macs on eBay, or trading in your old system for a Mac.
  • In his Five Factor Fitness book, Pasternak includes a bonus chapter of 5-Factor Fitness workouts plus sample 5-minute workout moves to use in order to maximize diet results in these 25-minutes-per-day workouts spanning the 5 weeks.
  • Not only does this option help the company maximize financial resources, it is also an environmentally responsible solution, as perfectly good uniform clothing items don't end up being thrown away just because someone changes jobs.