Sentence Examples

  • See the works by Maud Crutwell (1901), Paul Kristeller (1901), H.
  • Butter, Captain P. Maud of the British army, and others.
  • (Matilda or Maud) was one of the chief founders of religious houses, and so great was the number of monasteries built in this king's reign that it was said almost all the labourers became bricklayers and carpenters and there was much discontent in consequence.
  • In 1854 he published The Charge of the Light Brigade, and was.busy composing Maud and its accompanying lyrics; and this volume was published in July 1855, just after he was made D.C.L.
  • The reception of Maud from the critics, however, was the worst trial to his equanimity which Tennyson had ever had to endure, nor had the future anything like it in store fort him.