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  • The titles in the order adopted, but with date of publication, are as follows: "Oratio inauguralis," on his appointment (1649) as Savilian professor (1657); "Mathesis universalis, seu opus arithmeticum philologice et mathematice traditurn, arithmeticam numerosam et speciosam aliaque continens" (1657); "Adversus Meibomium, de proportionibus dialogus" (1657); "De sectionibus conicis nova methodo expositis" (1655); "Arithmetica infinitorum, sive nova methodus inquirendi in curvilineorum quadraturam aliaque difficiliora matheseos problemata" (1655); "Eclipsis solaris observatio Oxonii habita 2° Aug.
  • The Mathesis universalis, a more elementary work, contains copious dissertations on fundamental points of algebra, arithmetic and geometry, and critical remarks.
  • Wallis having meanwhile published other works and especially a comprehensive treatise on the general principles of calculus (Mathesis universalis, 1657), he might take this occasion of exposing afresh the new-fangled methods of mathematical analysis and reasserting his own earlier positions.

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