Sentence Examples

  • The disappearance, too, of the pagan mysteries must have left a void in many hearts, and the clerics tried to fill it up by themselves masquerading as hierophants.
  • Two days later Parnell called the prime minister a " masquerading knight-errant," ready to oppress the unarmed, but submissive to the Boers as soon as he found " that they were able to shoot straighter than his own soldiers."
  • The Itinerarium Peregrinorum, a work in ornate Latin prose, is (except for the first book) a translation of the Carmen masquerading under the guise of an independent work.
  • 296 seq.) and others have suggested that the drunkenness and masquerading current at the period of Purim are directly derived from the general period of licence allowed at the Sacaea festival of the Babylonian New Year.
  • 13, "pseudo-apostles" masquerading as "apostles of Christ," and perhaps 1 Thess.