Sentence Examples

  • In characters of such importance as the structure of the hand and foot, the lower apes diverge extremely from the gorilla; thus the thumb ceases to be opposable in the American monkeys, and in the marmosets is directed forwards, and armed with a curved claw like the other digits, the great toe in these latter being insignificant in proportion.
  • Marmosets are not larger than squirrels, and present great variation in colour; all have long tails, and many have the ears tufted.
  • It has, however, been proposed to transfer the name Chrysothrix to the marmosets of the genus Hapale, to which it is stated to have been originally applied, and to replace it by Saimiris.
  • In jerboas, for example, a bunch of twelve or thirteen hairs springs from the same point, while in the polar bear a single stout hair and several slender ones arise together, and in the marmosets three equal-sized hairs form regular groups.
  • First, the Anthropini, consisting of man only; second, the Catarhini or Old World apes; third, the Platyrhini, all New World apes, except the marmosets; fourth, the Arctopithecini, or marmosets; fifth, the Lemurini, or lemurs; sixth and seventh, the Cheiromyini and Galeopithecini.