Sentence Examples

  • Screen actress Marlene Dietrich used to draw a line of silver shadow straight down the center of her nose from bridge to tip, right on top of her foundation, and then lightly powder over it.
  • On the ticketing crew you find Gina, Denise, Mike, Ken, Tim, Lori, Tiffany, Marylin, Fatima, Shawn, Roberta, Luz, Paul, Jim, Carmen, Marlene, Lisa, Jeff, Danielle, and Brian.
  • Milners and his sister, Marlene Milners Straub: This brother and sister were victims of a hit and run in 1959 as they walked home from a family member's funeral.
  • Marlene Harris Collection - the collection of engagement rings features designs that date back to the Victorian era.
  • Once you receive your vintage wear, you can play Jean Harlow, Marlene Dietrich or Marilyn Monroe if you like.