Sentence Examples

  • A gal in perfume sneaking her Marlboro remembered seeing it.
  • A tow-haired boy happily dropped a Marlboro cigarette box in the churning water and then ran downstream to monitor its progress.
  • The first settlement here was made about 1659 in a part of Marlboro called Chauncy (because of a grant of Soo acres here to Charles Chauncy, president of Harvard College, made in 1659 and revoked in 1660 by the General Court of Massachusetts).
  • In 1717 this part of Marlboro, with other lands, was erected into the township of Westboro, to which parts of Sutton (1728),(1728), Shrewsbury (1762 and 1793) and Upton (1763) were subsequently annexed, and from which Northboro was separated in 1766.
  • See "Victoria County History": Wilts; James Waglen, History of Marlboro (London, 1854).