Sentence Examples

  • The hydroid Dicoryne 'is re- ' markable for the possession of gonophores, which are ciliate and become detached and swim away by means of their cilia.
  • It is a re markable fact that all specimens of Limnocodium hitherto seen have been males; it may be inferred from this either that only one polypstock has been introduced into Europe, from which all the medusae seen hitherto have been budded, or perhaps that the female medusa is a sessile gonophore, as in Pennaria.
  • It will be advantageous if the spectra of ammonia, benzene, aniline and dimethyl aniline be compared, when the re-' markable coincidences will at once become apparent, as also the different weighting of the molecule.
  • As a resort for foreign travellers and tourists Sweden lacks the °,:markable popularity of Norway.
  • Markable differences in the drainage areas of their two sides, with interesting illustrations of shifting water-partings; and the White, Gasconade, Osage and other rivers are remarkable for .upland meanders, lying, not on flood-plains, but around the spurs of a highland country.'

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