Sentence Examples

  • Oats, cultivated in the Roman and Tuscan maremma and in Apulia, are used almost exclusively for horses and cattle.
  • MAREMMA (a corruption of Marittima, " situated on the sea"), a marshy region of Tuscany, Italy, extending from the mouth of the Cecina to Orbetello and varying in breadth from 15 to 20 m.
  • Side of the hills which project from the flat Maremma and form the promontory of Castiglione.
  • In the 16th century it was collected in Calabria, and until recently was produced in the Tuscan Maremma, but none is now brought into commerce from Italy, although the name of Tolfa, a town near Civita.
  • He has left dated notes and drawings made at most of the stations we have named, besides a set of six large-scale maps drawn minutely with his own hand, and including nearly the whole territory of the Maremma, Tuscany and Umbria between the Apennines and the Tyrrhene Sea.

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