Sentence Examples

  • The operations consisted almost entirely of manoeuvres which had for their object the obtaining or the denial to the enemy of food-supplies.
  • Everywhere on the centre the Christians gained the upper hand, but their victory was almost turned into a defeat by the mistaken manoeuvres of Doria.
  • The advance of the Americans had been rapid and decisive, with a small loss of life - three killed and forty wounded - due to the skill with which the military manoeuvres were planned and executed and the cordial welcome given the invaders by the inhabitants.
  • Ney failed to grasp and hold Wellington on the critical 17th June; and on the 17th and 18th Grouchy's feeble and false manoeuvres enabled Blucher to march and j oin Wellington at Waterloo.
  • After some skilful manoeuvres, he surprised the enemy (September 11th, 1697) at Zenta, on the Theiss.