Sentence Examples

  • Those for toddlers up to size 4T have solid color waist and leg bands, usually in green or dark blue, and the busy patterns feature Manny and text from the show, such as the "You break it, we fix it" phrase.
  • Just in case you're buying underwear for a friend or relative's son and don't know, Handy Manny, or Manny Garcia, is a character on one of the Playhouse Disney programs on the Disney channel.
  • These are solid white with stripes of red, dark blue and black and feature Handy Manny on the functional fly area and pictures of some of the tool characters on the hips and bottom.
  • She went on to appear in a handful of films, including North (1994), Just Cause (1995), If Lucy Fell (1996), Manny & Lo (1996), Fall (1997) and Home Alone 3 (1997).
  • When Manny Coto came aboard as executive producer and writer, he began a series of intriguing storylines that would lead to the formation of the Federation.

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