Sentence Examples

  • They are found in the Compoeitae (Cickoriaceae), Campanulaceae, Papaveraceae, Loheliaceae, Papayaceae, in some Aroideae and Musaceae, and in Euphorbiaceae (Manihot, Ilevea).
  • It produces Indian corn and other cereals and potatoes in the colder regions, and tropical fruits, sweet potatoes and mandioca (Jatropha manihot, L.) in the low tropical valleys.
  • " Ceara " or Manigoba rubber is derived from species of Manihot, chiefly Manihot Glaziovii, a native of S.
  • The plantations of Manihot established in E.
  • Other species of Manihot are also under trial, and some give promise of good results, especially M.