Sentence Examples

  • Glenn Frey (guitar and keyboard), Bernie Leadon (guitar, mandolin and banjo) and Randy Meisner (bassist) had been playing as a band with Linda Ronstadt until they met up with drummer Don Henley and decided to form their own band in 1971.
  • MusicaViva: This website features a comprehensive search function that allows you to search for sheet music by stringed instrument (banjo, mandocello, mandolin, etc.), composer, nationality and more.
  • It has been around since the fourteenth century when it was used to transcribe music for instruments like the lute which is a smaller stringed instrument somewhat similar to a mandolin.
  • Sometimes musicians will call me if they have a gig, and I'll come sit in with them on mandolin, banjo, guitar, bass, ukulele, whatever - anything with strings.
  • Bluegrass relies upon stringed instruments like the banjo, upright bass and mandolin, but guitars are crucial for maintaining perfectly timed rhythm.