Sentence Examples

  • The Bambara themselves are perhaps only a distinct branch of the original Mandingo stock.
  • Ghana was finally conquered by the Mandingo kings of Melle in the 13th century.
  • The Mandingo, the Fula and the Susu are Mahommedans, though the Susu retain many of their ancient rites and beliefs - those associated with spirit worship and fetish, still the religion of the Baga and other tribes.
  • Such are the Mandingo, the Songhai, the Fula, Hausa, Kanuri, Bagirmi, Kanembu, and the peoples of Wadai and Darfur; the few aborigines who persist, on the southern fringe of the Chad basin, are imperfectly known.
  • Futa Jallon is peopled principally by Fula, and the rest of the country by Malinke and other tribes of Mandingo.