Sentence Examples

  • Dessaignes, who obtained it by oxidizing malic acid (Ann., 1858, 107, p. 251).
  • The female organs of certain cryptogams, for instance, exert a positive chemiotactic action upon the spermatozoids, and probably, as Pfeffer suggests, the chemical agent which exerts the influence is malic acid.
  • No other substance, at least, with which he experimented had a like effect, and it is possible that in the archegonium which contains the ovum malic acid is present.
  • MALIC ACID (HYDROXYETHYLENE SUCCINIC Acid), C4H605, an organic acid found abundantly in the juices of many plants, particularly in mountain-ash berries, in unripe apples and in grapes.
  • In the last years of his life he returned to the vegetable acids, and investigated citric, malic, oxalic and gallic acids.