Sentence Examples

  • Of which, covering a large part of the state, are magnificent forests of long-leaf pine, and lesser lowland growths of oak, ash, magnolia, cypress and other valuable timber.
  • All of the species of pine and of magnolia, and nearly all of the species of oak, of hickory and of spruce, indigenous to the United States, are found in North Carolina.
  • Magnolia, azalea, camellia, begonia and paulownia.
  • This is also seen in a transverse section of the calyx of Magnolia grandiflora, where each of the three leaves embraces that within it.
  • For instance, Pterocarya caucasica does not grow nearer than the Caucasus, where it is associated with the wild vine - also found at Tegelen; Magnolia Kobus is confined to the north island of Japan; another species of Magnolia cannot be identified and may be extinct.