Sentence Examples

  • Other Californian cypresses are C. macrocarpa, the Monterey cypress, which is 60 ft.
  • Macrocarpa, is remarkable for its large acorns, the cups bordered on the edge by a fringe of long narrow scales; the leaves are very large, sometimes from Io in.
  • Missouriensis (macrocarpa), 6 to 12 in., has stout trailing branches, lance-shaped leaves and large yellow blossoms; Oe.
  • Besides rubber, the forests produce a great variety of cabinet and construction woods, ivory-nuts (from the " tagua " palm, Phytelephas macrocarpa), " toquilla " fibre (Carludovica palmata) for the manufacture of so-called Panama hats, cabbage palms, several species of cinchona, vanilla and dyewoods.
  • P. Coulteri or macrocarpa, is remarkable for its enormous cones (sometimes a foot long, 6 in.