Sentence Examples

  • Obviously equimolecular surfaces are given by (Mv) 3, where M is the molecular weight of the substance, for equimolecular volumes are Mv, and corresponding surfaces the two-thirds power of this.
  • Hence S may be replaced by (Mv) 3.
  • Ramsay and Shields found from investigations of the temperature coefficient of the surface energy that Tin the equation y(Mv) 3 = KT must be counted downwards from the critical temperature T less about 6°.
  • Their surface energy equation therefore assumes the form y(Mv)i=K(T-6°).
  • N is the mean number of molecules which associate to form one molecule, then by the normal equation we have y (Mnv) 3 =2.121(r -6°); if the calculated constant be K 1, then we have also y(Mv)3=K,(r-6°).