M-kay Definition


(informal) Okay; an expression of acknowledgment or affirmation, now often used in an ironical or condescending sense.

Drugs are bad, m’kay?
1997: Christina S. Beck, Partnership for Health .
C: I want you to re:st (.) re:st (.) as much as you can do (.) is just re:st (.) hhh when >you go< home (.) >you tell< your husband you make dinner honey (.) hhh you take care of me (.) . . . I need >to set< down (.) I need >to rest< (.)P: mmkay (.)C: and >get down< (.) watch your sodium (.) the salt=
2004, Abbe Diaz, PX This .
Well i used to have some skilled sticky fingers of my own back in the day so i know a shoplifted dress when i see one mmkay.
2005, Catherine Delaney, The Rosameorns .
I looked back to him...mmkay brown hair dark eyes...high cheek bones that lucky monkey I wonder if he has some native American.
2005, Jenny Colgan, Boy I Loved Before.
She was sitting perched on her desk, in that nonchalant, ‘mmkay?’ way teachers do when they’re trying to pretend they’re down with the kids.

Origin of M-kay

  • Nasalized variant of okay. Perhaps made popular by frequent appearance in the cartoon South Park as Mr Mackey's catchphrase; earlier, apparently only in linguistic transcriptions of speech.

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