Sentence Examples

  • The Son-Rise program was created by Barry and Samahria Lyte Kaufman in the 1970s, as a means to teach their own son, who was diagnosed with autism and mental retardation.
  • Walking shoe models include the Gel-Resort, Gel-Foundation Walker, Gel-Fitwalk Lyte, Gel-Cardio, and Gel Advantage.
  • No telling if this beer-naming rumor is true, but he does have a nephew named Miller Lyte McConaughey.
  • Canari Vortex Lyte Lycra Cycling Shorts made from nylon and lycra.
  • HENRY FRANCIS LYTE (1793-1847), Anglican divine and hymn-writer, was born near Kelso on the 1st of June 1793, and was educated at Enniskillen school and at Trinity College,, Dublin.

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