Sentence Examples

  • The amount of lysine required to control herpes varies from case to case, but a typical adult dose to maintain remission is 500 mg daily, and active herpes requires 1-6 g between meals to induce healing.
  • For herpes, foods containing the amino acid arginine (nuts and seeds) need to be reduced, and those containing the amino acid lysine (yogurt and cottage cheese) need to be increased.
  • Parents can also try preparations of tea tree oil, goldenseal, propolis, licorice, myrrh, and lysine, products with healing nutrients that are backed by research.
  • In addition, some sources report lysine, an essential amino acid and constituent of most proteins, is destroyed when proteins and starches are cooked together.
  • For instance, beans are high in the amino acid lysine but low in tryptophan and methionine, but rice is low in lysine and high in tryptophan and methionine.