Sentence Examples

  • Xxii., xlii.-xliii., lxxiii., lxxvii., other phases of the problem are presented.
  • Xlix., lxxiii., xcii.
  • Now, both the Korahite and Asaphic groups of psalms are remarkable that they hardly contain any recognition of present sin on the part of the community of Jewish faith - though they do confess the sin of Israel in the past - but are exercised with the observation that prosperity does not follow righteousness either in the case of the individual (xlix., lxxiii.) or in that of the nation, which suffers notwithstanding its loyalty to God, or even on account thereof (xliv., lxxix.).
  • Lxxiii., Lxxiv.) - and the writings of Cassian (English translation by Gibson in " Nicene and Post-Nicene Library ").
  • Lxxiii-lxxvi).

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