Lubric Definition

1761, John Lauder, Lord Fountainhall, The Decisions of the Lords of Council and Session, June 6th 1678—July 30th 1712, Volume II, page 147,
His own letter ſent down with the bill canvels it; and Waterton, his own brother, depones on the veriſimilitude of his ſubſcription: and there can be nothing more lubric and conjectural, than to find a writ falſe on the mathematical points of the longitudes and angles of letters and ſubſcriptions […] .
1773, William Creech (edit), The Edinburgh Magazine and Review by a Society of Gentlemen, Volumes 1-2, page 141,
Why does he corrupt his fellow-citizens by treating the moſt lubric and wanton of all ſubjects, and reviving the idea of Lucian's Amores?

Origin of Lubric

  • From Latin lubricus.

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