Sentence Examples

  • As the indicated horse-power of the engine increases, the weight of steam discharged increases, and the smoke-Lox vacuum is increased, thereby causing more air to flow through the furnace and increasing the rate of combustion.
  • Momotaro Japanese Cuisine1425 Raritan RdClark, NJ 07066(732) 396-8668‎ Deli-King Are you in the mood for lox, and bagels ($13.95) or a corned beef on Jewish rye ($9.95).
  • The Flos of Leonardo turns on the second question set by John of Palermo, which required the solution of the cubic equation x 3 -{-2x'-}-lox = 20.
  • The translation parallel to this axis is lox + mly + nhz (Xf + uv + vi) Ic. (8) The linear magnitude which measures the ratio of translation to rotation in a screw is called the pitch.
  • Hence ..Ox d /.Ox\ d lOx, d I.O~c\ .Ox ~ _~~_) =~x-/ x.