Sentence Examples

  • Antrim 1863-1880, and who married in 1873 Louisa, daughter of the 11th earl of Dundonald.
  • Of Portugal, and of Louisa de Gusman, daughter of the duke of Medina Sidonia, was born on the 15/25 of November 1638 at Villia Vicosa.
  • The prayers of Queen Louisa of Prussia failed to bend him from his resolve.
  • (1749-1808), king of Denmark and Norway, was the son of Frederick V., king of Denmark, and his first consort Louisa, daughter of George II.
  • But his very domestic regularity caused him to be entirely under the influence of his two wives, Maria Louisa of Savoy, whom he married in 1702, and who died in February 1714, and Elizabeth Farnese of Parma, whom he married in December of the same year, and who survived him.