Sentence Examples

  • The aye-aye, Chiromys (or Daubentonia) madagascariensis, is an animal with a superficial resemblance to a longhaired and dusky-coloured cat with unusually large eyes.
  • The majority of these are large and heavilybuilt ruminants, with horns present in both sexes, the muzzle broad, moist and naked, the nostrils lateral, no face-glands, and a large dewlap often developed in the males; while the tail is long and generally tufted, although in one instance longhaired throughout.
  • Authari, "the Longhaired," with his Roman title of Flavius, marks the change from the war king of an invading host to the permanent representative of the unity and law of the nation, and the increased power of the crown, by the possession of a great domain, to enforce its will.