Sentence Examples

  • With his penchant for the unusual and unexpected and his ability to pull off just about any style with a smile on his face, Malakar inspired a few long-haired guys to add some life to their own locks.
  • Regardless of the precise origin of their ancestors, a few generations of harsh New England winters finalized the traits of the breed, creating a very hardy, large, intelligent, long-haired cat.
  • Just make sure to select a hook size that gives you tight crochet stitches so that the stuffing does not show or work out through the stitches.Fuzzy or hairy yarns make long-haired canines.
  • It will also make grooming easier if your new pet happens to be a long-haired cat because the fur will eventually mat and require regular brushing to avoid matting.
  • The most popular Shih Tzu grooming cuts include the classic long-haired cut, a layered medium variation of the classic cut, a short cut or even a shaved style.