Sentence Examples

  • (1889) and Lollardy and the Reformation (1908), and Political History of England, vols.
  • A reaction against Lollardy, however, had already begun in the days of Henry IV., and both he and his son felt obliged to discountenance opinions which were believed to be politically and theologically dangerous.
  • There was some heresy in England during the opening decades of the 6th century, survivals of the Lollardy which now and then brought a victim to the stake.
  • An interval of peace occurred, among a series of border battles, and the heresy of Lollardy was attacked by the clergy; Resby, who had been a priest in England, was burned in 1407 at Perth.
  • The embers of Lollardy, not extinguished by the new central fountain of learning, the university of St Andrews, smouldered in the west till the Reformation.

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