Sentence Examples

  • He was ordained curate of Llandingat, Carmarthen, in 1874, and became warden and headmaster of the college, Llandovery, in 1875, holding this position until 1885, when he accepted the living of Carmarthen.
  • Its north-east portion consists of Upper Silurian coral limestones (Llandovery division), containing a rich fossil fauna and representing a series of folds running north-northwest.
  • LLANDOVERY (Llan-ym-ddyffri), a market town and ancient municipal borough of Carmarthenshire, Wales, situated amid hills near the left bank of the Towy.
  • Llandovery is a station on the Mid-Wales section of the London & North Western railway.
  • In 1485 the borough of Llandovery, or Llanymtheverye, was incorporated by a charter from Richard III., and this king's privileges were subsequently confirmed by Henry VIII.