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  • CROZIER, or pastoral staff, one of the insignia of a bishop, and probably derived from the lituus of the Roman augurs.
  • The insignia of office were the lituus, a staff free from knots and bent at the top, and the trabea, a kind of toga with bright scarlet stripes and a purple border.
  • LITUUS, the cavalry trumpet of the Romans, said by Macrobius (Saturn.
  • The lituus consisted of a cylindrical tube 4 or 5 ft.
  • Unlike the buccina, cornu and tuba, the other military service instruments of the Romans, the lituus has not been traced during the middle ages, the medieval instrument most nearly resembling it being the cromorne or tournebout, which, however, had lateral holes and was played by means of a reed mouthpiece.

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