Sentence Examples

  • The jambs were of dressed stone, usually plain, and the longer lintels were of zapote wood; some of them, where protected from the weather, are still to be seen, sometimes covered with inscriptions.
  • The materials on the coast were clay and gravel wrought into concrete, sun-dried bricks and pise, or rammed work, cut stalks of plants formed with clay a kind of staff, and lintels were made by burying stems of cana brava (Gynerium saccharoides) in blocks of pise.
  • The clay dug from the moat served to make the bricks of the wall, which had loo gates, all of bronze, with bronze lintels and posts.
  • It is curious to find the representation of various animals in relief on the lintels of these buildings.
  • Some of the gates without lintels are beautiful, and the geometric patterns in the walls extremely effective.