Sentence Examples

  • There are obvious advantages to having a Hummer limo as your method of transport for the bride, groom, and bridal party, but the cost is higher, and in some cases, significantly higher, than other types of limousine vehicles.
  • The release of the larger, more luxurious SUV's like the Ford Excursions, Lincoln Navigators, and Cadillac Escalades spurred coach builders to sell stretch version of these and other SUV's, such as Hummers , for limo rental.
  • Although many limo rental companies will offer wedding extras such as complimentary champagne or customized "Just Married" signs for your vehicle, don't automatically assume anything is included in the price of your rental.
  • Even though you may be preoccupied with finding the perfect invitations or choosing your wedding dress, most wedding planners strongly recommend that you select your limo service six to nine months before your wedding day.
  • You can include a large number of people with ample room in a bus limo, whereas you may be cramped for space of more limited in terms of number of party invitations when choosing a smaller limo vehicle.