Sentence Examples

  • Blackmon, Lillian R., et al. "Research on Prevention of Bilirubin-Induced Brain Injury and Kernicterus: National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Conference Executive Summary."
  • Katherine's aunt Lillian (Ellen Geer) dies of natural causes, but not before writing a note that reveals the truth of Dylan Mayfair versus Dylan Davis.
  • Feng shui experts, such as the renowned Lillian Too warn against the infamous coffin position and other feng shui pitfalls when placing a bed.
  • Lillian Vernon has an entire section of the site called "Lilly's Kids" that not only features gifts, but also lets people post reviews.
  • Geico car insurance got its start in 1936 when Leo and Lillian Goodwin set out to offer low-cost auto insurance directly to customers.