Sentence Examples

  • While a SIGG bottle will undoubtedly be more costly than a common water bottle found at a big box retailer, its strength and quality of design gives it a lifespan that exceeds other water bottles.
  • The lifespan of solar panels (most now range up to 30 years) and the fact that they are virtually maintenance free, make solar power a far more attractive and cost effective solution than ever before.
  • Because of their lifespan of hundreds of years (the oldest known age is 700 Earth years), the El-Aurians are natural lore keepers and collect the stories and wisdom of many sentient beings.
  • Although Jean Lassale watches endured a relatively short lifespan, the company helped to pave the way for future watchmakers by introducing a number of breakthrough concepts in horology.
  • They believe that their lifespan is something that can be altered, and that by deactivating a component or changing a line of code, their maker can give them back a full human lifespan.