Sentence Examples

  • In the policy of which it was the outcome she enjoyed the support of the Chancellor Michel de l'H6pital and the lieutenant-general of the kingdom, Anthony of Navarre; while on the other hand the heads of the Catholic party had attempted to frustrate any form of negotiation.
  • LOUIS DE BUADE FRONTENAC ET PALLUAU, COMTE DE (1620-1698), French-Canadian statesman, governor and lieutenant-general for the French king in La Nouvelle France (Canada), son of Henri de Buade, colonel in the regiment of Navarre, was born in the year 1620.
  • In April 1852 Sir Harry Smith was recalled by Earl Grey, who accused him - unjustly, in the opinion of the duke of Wellington - of a want of energy and judgment in conducting the war, and he was succeeded by Lieutenant-General Cathcart.
  • In October 1862 he was promoted lieutenant-general, and thenceforward he commanded one of the three corps of the army of Tennessee under Bragg and afterwards was in charge of the Department of Alabama, Mississippi and East Louisiana.
  • On the 12th of September the advance of about 15,000 men commenced; the 1st division, under Lieutenant-General Willis, was on the right, and the 2nd division, under Lieutenant-General Hamley, was on the left.