Sentence Examples

  • There are shaping panties, shorts and capris solely for the hips and thighs, shaping camisoles for the upper body, bust shapers, shaping leggings to wear beneath pants and full and half slips to wear beneath dresses and skirts.
  • You can also be a classic mummy - wear a white shirt and pants or leggings, then use white gauze from the drugstore and wrap it around your head (leaving your eyes, nose and mouth free, of course) and as much of your body as you can.
  • She wore black leggings and a mini-skirt with a dropped waistline.
  • She was more casually dressed in leggings, knee-high boots and a shirt that fell to mid-hip.
  • After a lengthy shower, Jenn exited and pulled on clean leggings, sports bra, and socks.