Sentence Examples

  • The most common look for them is to have a single ruffle as a contiguous part of the legging at the ankle, but ruffles can also be sewn as trim in a different fabric and in several layers - or even run all the way up to the knee or thigh.
  • A low v-neck sweater in a supple cashmere knit can look perfectly balanced with pom pom boots, so long as you wear a tight knit legging or yoga pant on the bottom.
  • In order to mix and mingle with formal dresses, designers have created the footless tight, which is a legging created in thinner stocking material.
  • Trendy Black and Red Leopard Heart: Described as "art to wear," this is a short dress and legging set of black cotton.
  • Leggings: While many people oppose the legging movement, there's no denying that these pants flatter boots perfectly.