Sentence Examples

  • If you purchase the Lefse griddle from Lefse Time you have the option of switching out the types of plating and rollers and even selecting not to opt for certain tools.
  • Since Lefse dough is delicate, Lefse griddle kits come with sticks to make the transfer easier and so the dough won't split by the time it reaches the grille.
  • While Lefse recipes don't vary too much, you may find yourself adding something to the main recipe that changes it up slightly, which will make it your own!
  • This will make 12" patties, but you can adjust the size of the patties by adding more or less dough, depending on the diameter of your Lefse griddle.
  • Lefse griddles are used to cook a mixture of water, potatoes, and other simple ingredients to create a crepe-like food based on Norwegian cooking.