Sentence Examples

  • The better LCDs have displays that allow you to sit farther to the side, instead of being locked directly in front of the screen for best viewing angle without color brightness dimming or shifting.
  • The reason is that LCDs fade over time and newer models containing the latest technology only cost about $150 new and will continue to fall as other model lines are introduced.
  • LCDs use to be cheaper than Plasmas when HD technology first arrived on the scene, but now, a reason to get an LCD is if you plan on placing in a large room with lots of light.
  • Because LCD technology has changed so much in the past couple of years and prices for LCDs were so high to begin with, the investment in used models may not be a good idea.
  • Additionally, it has been shown that these lenses may also adversely react with liquid crystal displays, or LCDs, found in the dashboards of some cars.